Mobile Services:

(All services are mobile only)

Massage Table For Sale (Same day delivery service)

  • Premium Massage Table w/ Carrying Case   $225

Massage Table Rental (Same day delivery Orlando, Fl & self-service pickup Atlanta/Alpharetta, GA)

  •  Half Day               $50  per day
  •  Full Day               $70  per day

             NOTE:  ***Linen/Sheets not included***

Mobile Swedish (Standard) Massage + Romantic Picnic (Not included/Optional) (In-Home/AirBnB/VRBO)

  •  60   minutes       $90
  •  90   minutes       $100

Mobile Deep Tissue Massage +  Romantic Picnic (Not Included/Optional) (In-Home/AirBnB/VRBO)   

  •  60   minutes      $110
  •  90   minutes      $120

"Just Because I love you" Romantic Picnic:       (Available in Lake Mary, Sanford and Orlando Florida)

  •   2  hours $150 (Monday-Friday 9:00 am-2:00 pm* only) 

"Luxury Picnic" Romantic Picnic:  

  •  2    hours $200 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

"Marriage Proposal" Picnic Package:

 Option 1. "Sunrise" or "Sunset" Romantic  Couples Picnic)  Includes 5 hour romantic picnic set up with personal chef/full course meal, wine. ****(Optional additional service such as professional massage. Not included in the price of the picnic, you will have to add this service at check out*****)

  •    5    hours           $270 (FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY ONLY) (*9:00 am-2:00 pm*)
  •    5    hours           $270 (FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY ONLY) (*5:00 pm- 10:00 pm*

Option 2.  " Professional Massage & Sunset Picnic" Plus more. Full service 

Includes: 60 minute professional Licensed Massage Therapist, 5 hours romantic picnic setup, personal chef/ full course dinner, desert, wine, photographer, flowers, transparent tent, red carpet, proposal backdrop, custom music playlist and projector for powerpoint presentation and classic movie. Full coordination, setup and tear down. Perfect marriage proposal.

  • 5 hours                $440 (FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY ONLY) (*5:00 pm-10:00 pm*)

"Silver or Gold" Group Picnic 

  •  5 hours  $460    (6 people or less) FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY ONLY (9:00 am-2:00 pm)
  •  5 hours  $760   (11 people or less) FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY ONLY (5:00) pm -11:00pm)

Includes personal chef brunch or dinner,  music, and games. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers. NOTE:  (***Additional service can be added such as professional massage and transparent tent. Not included in the picnic cost.***)

Mobile Corporate Chair Massage (In-Office)

  • 2 Hours              $240
  • 3 Hours              $360
  • 4 Hours              $480
  • 5 Hours              $600

 Additional Products:

Linen/Sheets               $11

Couples Massage are not offered at the same time, only back to back.**

(We are a mobile means we will travel to the location (event/home/business/hotel/resort) and provide a professional service. Chair massage for events range 10-20 mins intervals per person depends on amount of people you want to receive massage during event.)

 *Event must be a minimum 2 hours*

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