Lake Mary, Heathrow, Sanford, Longwood, Oviedo,Lake Nona and Orlando, Florida ONLY*** 

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Massage Table & Chair Massage Rental Contract

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Choose Duration: (***IMPORTANT Per day/1 day means you will return our product during our business hours, not 24 hours. Only exception is if you rent after 8:00 pm then, you will be allowed to return it the next day no later than 11:00 am.)**** (Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)

Choose Return time: (*Note: This is the time we will come back to pick up our product (Savannah, GA and surrounding cities only). Atlanta customers, this is the time you will return our equipment yourself.

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Note: If you skipped Step 1, did not agree and click "SUBMIT", you WILL NOT receive a massage table.*** After both steps are complete, you will receive an invoice to be paid BEFORE we deliver the massage table . No exceptions.

Licensed Massage Therapist-Independent Contractor Contract

Which area can you provide professional Massage Therapy?

I understand I am signing up to be a professional Licensed Massage Therapy-Independent Contractor for Terria's Therapeutic Table and Chair Massage, LLC. I understand I am not an employee. I agree to the pay $50 for 60 minute Swedish, $55 for 60 minute deep tissue massage, $60 for 90 minute Swedish and $65 for 90 minute Swedish massage. Corporate Chair Massage events pay is $40 per hour.

I understand I am not allowed to accept payment from the customers. Payment will be paid to you by Terria's Therapeutic Table & Chair Massage, LLC through payroll. You are allowed to accept direct payment from the customer after the 1st session if the customer has chosen to use your services in the future. If customer chooses to work directly with you, you are allowed to accept payments from them, and accept tips plus pass out your own cards. Uniform is all black.

I understand I am not allowed to accept payment or tips from each customer Terria's Therapeutic Table and Chair Massage, LLC provides. I understand I can only receive pay from customer if they want to book a second or future services. I understand that failure to breach this agreement, that contract will be terminated effective immediately.